Connecting with Gaia

earth from spaceRecently I met someone who communicates with the devas of plants  (A deva is the spirit or over-soul of a plant or animal species.*) I asked him to see if he could channel a deva for me. The being he channeled turned not to be a plant deva, but was the spirit of our planet, Gaia. It was neither thrilling nor humbling, but rather left me feeling peaceful and honored that she chose to talk to me

Gaia had many things to tell me and answered a couple of questions. Some of what I was told was personal, and some feels important to share.

The thing that fills my heart when I think of it is that Gaia said that she is literally here under our feet to support us. She bears us humans no ill-will. She wants only for us to be happy. She provides for us. We are loved by her.

Gaia said that it is sad when species disappear, but it has happened before, and others will come to take their place. She has been here for millions of years, and sees it from that perspective.

I was pleased to hear her confirm what I think, which is that inevitably some species will disappear, with or without our human interference. This doesn’t mean that we should just go and use what we want as we want, but rather that the earth will heal from each disappearance.

As my friend was channeling we could hear live music coming from the party we were attending. Gaia said that playing that music changed everything. That when we are happy it affects everything, and that when we are sad it affects everything as well.

When do we ever think that what we feel can, and does, have an affect beyond us? And changes the whole universe?

And Gaia told me that we do not end with our skin, but that our being radiates out beyond, that our skin is not the limit of our being but that it continues outward. (Scientists have found that the field generated by the human heart can be measured up to 15 feet away from the body!)

One last thing to mention is that everything on this earth has an aliveness, an awareness, even the stones.

I hope you will go look at the world around you with new eyes.

*There are different definitions of what a deva is, check out

4 thoughts on “Connecting with Gaia

  1. Iris, what a lovely article. I had never heard of Deva’s or of Gaia but found what you wrote to be interesting and true. I have started speaking about the energy of positive and negative forces in the Universe…and this information was very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Debby

    • Hi Debby, I’m glad this was helpful. Thank you for letting me know. There is a lot to know about the energy in our world, isn’t there.

  2. Thank you Iris, this information is very reaffirming my beliefs. I have always felt this way about our earth. Now to see that you were able to connect with Gaia and she has confirmed this belief brings a sense of awareness I did not have before.
    Thank you Laura

    • Hi Laura, I am delighted to know that you feel about Gaia as I do, and that I was able to validate that.

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