Gifting a Plant Walk

Gifting a Plant Walk

Looking for a different kind of gift that won’t take up space or end up sitting on the shelf?

Give the unique experience of a Plant Walk.

Share your values of sustainability and caring for the earth with others who are important to you. Introduce them to a kinder, gentler, more connected way of seeing the landscape and understanding the environment around them.

We will walk together through a local Food Project farm or wooded nature preserve trail in Wenham, or your residential or city neighborhood or nearby nature preserve/trail.

We will notice, feel, smell, and possibly taste, our plant friends. We will learn how to identify and know the plants, and which ones are used for food, health, wellbeing, and crafts – all have their applications to our wellbeing, as well as our understanding of the living planet around us.

Together we will learn about and discuss the uses of the plants and which parts are used. For example, dandelion greens are a great salad green, but also have health benefits beyond the salad bowl; and white pine needles can be used for teas, vinegars, and more.

You will receive a handout tailored to your walk location and season of the year to support your understanding and recollection of the plant friends we encounter. On most walks, we meet approximately 15 to 20 plants.

This distinctive gift will be remembered and valued for years; and can even be life-changing. Share it with someone you value.

Regular Season Plant Walks are 1 ½ hours

(approximately March to November depending on Mother Nature)

Winter Plant Walks are 1 hour.

For gift giving, please use the link below. A gift certificate will emailed to the recipient, or can be mailed. Please indicate:

  • Regular Season Plant Walk or Winter Plant Walk
  • Address of the gift recipient (email address or US postal service address)

Link for gift purchases

Regular Season Plant Walk, 1 ½ hours

  • $125.00 for 1 to 3 people, $25.00 for each additional person.

Talk to me about family rates and or if you have limited income.

Winter Plant Walk, 45 minutes

  • $60.00 for 1 to 3 people, each additional person $25.00.

Talk to me about family rates and/or if you have limited income.

These rates are for walk locations within the North Shore of Boston. Walks beyond/outside of this area will necessitate a modest travel fee.

Link for gift purchases